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Coffee CSV File

From the CORGIS Dataset Project

By Sam Donald
Version 1.0.0, created 10/28/2022
Tags: Coffee, Cupping


There is data for both Arabica and Robusta beans, across many countries and professionally rated on a 0-100 scale. All sorts of scoring/ratings for things like acidity, sweetness, fragrance, balance, etc.


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Key Descriptions

Key List of... Comment Example Value
Location.Country String Country where the coffee was produced "United States"
Location.Region String Region where the coffee was produced "kona"
Location.Altitude.Min Integer Min altitude of the farm 0
Location.Altitude.Max Integer Max altitude of the farm 0
Location.Altitude.Average Integer Average altitude of the farm 0
Year Integer Production year 2010
Data.Owner String Owner of the coffee "kona pacific farmers cooperative"
Data.Type.Species String Species of the coffee "Arabica"
Data.Type.Variety String Variety of the coffee "nan"
Data.Type.Processing method String Processing method used "nan"
Data.Production.Number of bags Integer Number of bags tested 25
Data.Production.Bag weight Float Bag weight tested 45.3592
Data.Scores.Aroma Float Aroma score 0-10 8.25
Data.Scores.Flavor Float Flavor score 0-10 8.42
Data.Scores.Aftertaste Float Aftertaste score 0-10 8.08
Data.Scores.Acidity Float Acidity score 0-10 7.75
Data.Scores.Body Float Body score 0-10 7.67
Data.Scores.Balance Float Balance score 0-10 7.83
Data.Scores.Uniformity Float Uniformity score 0-10 10.0
Data.Scores.Sweetness Float Sweetness score 0-10 10.0
Data.Scores.Moisture Float Moisture score 0-10 0.0
Data.Scores.Total Float Total score 86.25
Data.Color String Bean color "Unknown"